Les Armengauds - self-catering family-friendly holiday in the south of france   

Narbonne Plage -  Dip in the warm Med or just build sandcastles on the seemingly endless soft-sand beach at Narbonne Plage    The nearest ski station (1-hour away) is les Monts d'Olmes.  It boasts 15 runs at between 1500m-2000m

Carcassone - World Heritage Status    Revel: Home of Art Meubles and a wonderful Saturday morning market


TABLE TENNIS & TRAMPOLINE: No need to travel for these activities! Provided for your fun and convenience.
Practice like the pros An excellent way to get fit or just have fun.
Look in the barn, and you'll find a full-sized table-tennis table ready to host a family tournament!
(It's an all-weather table, so it can be used outside, if you prefer.)
Sun yourself and get fit at the same time - or just have fun on this super-size (14ft) trampoline!
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