Les Armengauds - self-catering family-friendly holiday in the south of france   

Moon Walk    3 Astronauts on their way to work

Ariane 5 Rocket    Terradome


CITE DE L'ESPACE: Space adventure park in Toulouse. Very well enjoyed by older and younger members of the family. There's a Stellarium, Planetarium and iMAX cinema togehter with life-size models of the Ariane 5 rocket; Mir spacestation and Soyuz spacecraft. We all enjoyed the "weightless" experience and the countless interactive exhibitions. Go early to get a full day out of it - you'll need it!
- Stellarium
- Planetarium
- iMAX
- Interactive Exhibitions
- Terradome
- Children's Base
- Little Astronauts Square
- Astrojump
- Gyro-Extreme
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