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CARCASSONNE: La cité de Carcassonne is an 11th and 13th century fortress city with Disneyesque turrets and fine Gothic cathedral. It is the second most visited tourist attraction in France (after the Eiffel Tower), and contains shops, restaurants, museums, apartments, and the cathedral.
Activities at a glance...
Sight seeing - If there is one sight worth seeing then this is it! If you're lucky enough to rent during the Bastille Day celebrations (14th July) don't miss the spectacular fireworks display over La cité. The display starts are around 10pm, but get there as early as possible.
Dining - Being a tourist attraction means that you will not go hungry! With restaurants catering for the big appetite (maisons de cassoulet and pizzerias) to the more moderate pangs (Bretonne crêperies and salad restaurants), there is something for everyone here.
Walking - After your meal, why not take a half-hour stroll around the walls of this medieval fortified town.
Shopping - Take a souvenir back with you. Being a well-known French landmark means you can't go wrong with your holiday gift.
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